About Us
We are a family of Event Professionals working to make managing Events easier

Ditto’s founder, Richard Lawrence, first built the tool because he needed it himself. At the time, Richard was co-owner of Agile for All, a business training company that organized over 300 events a year. When Angie Ham, their head of operations, mentioned how difficult it was to find a tool that would help her keep track over everything she needed to do to keep those events on track, he decided to build it himself, and Ditto was born. Over the next several years he worked to refine the Ditto app to fit the needs of Angie and her team.

Richard and Angie went on to co-found another leadership development company, Humanizing Work, with their friend Peter Green. And Ditto has remained the secret weapon to help Angie and her team manage dozens of events, including a flagship annual conference.

“Between client work, public classes, conferences, and marketing events, we run over 300 events a year at Agile For All with an events team of just 3 people (in 3 different locations). Ditto eliminated hours of repetitive work and gives me confidence that we’re not dropping any balls.”
—Angie Ham,
Head of Operations, Agile for All | Co-founder, Humanizing Work

As Richard began to talk to other event professionals—venue managers, training coordinators, wedding planners, bands, photographers, and more—he heard the same pains and struggles again and again. Richard realized that the problems he had initially set out to solve were more widespread than he had expected. He decided to rebuild the original application, addressing the needs that he had learned about over the last several years.

Since then, Ditto has grown to include Brennan and Dawn Lawrence, and will be launching soon.
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