Sustainable productivity for event professionals

Plan multiple events without the stress

When you’re planning an event, pretty much everything is time-sensitive.

People who do the same kinds of events over and over again (event planners, event venue managers, wedding planners, photographers) find themselves needing to keep track of similar tasks that need to be done a certain amount of time ahead of the event. So, each day, they need to move many different events forward. It can be hard to keep track of this or tedious to set up those recurring tasks in a typical task or project management tool.

Event planning is stressful enough. Your productivity software should help you see just what you need to be concerned about today and keep all the other stuff out of your way.

Calm productivity software for people who run lots of events

There are lots of tools for managing events. They put the focus on the events and want to tell you how your event should work. Ditto’s not like that. Ditto is focused on you. Manage your events your way. Do the things you want to do at just the right time.

  • Do the right tasks at the right time, without spending hours putting it on your calendar.

  • Create templates for repeated events, so you don’t have to start from zero each time.

  • Focus on the things that make your event great, without all the distractions.

Never Miss a Task Again

Ditto makes it obvious what you need to focus on today, without all the noise.

Calm productivity software for people who run lots of events
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“Between client work, public classes, conferences, and marketing events, we run over 300 events a year at Agile For All with an events team of just 3 people (in 3 different locations). Ditto eliminated hours of repetitive work and gives me confidence that we’re not dropping any balls.”

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